All bed textile used for Green Sleep products is woven or knitted with the best  organically cultivated cotton yarns. We follow the cotton production process from the cotton plant to the finished fabric. For all raw materials that are used, we can present either SKAL or Ecocert certificates and we guarantee that our cotton is really BIOLOGICAL from the cultivation phase to the finished fabric.

Why is organically cultivated cotton so important?

In normal industrial cultivation, cotton is the most polluting and polluted fibre that is used for textile. Some 10 to 20% of the overall world production of pesticides, insecticides and chemical  dyestuff is used both for the cultivation and the transformation of cotton. A traditional cotton plantation is a real industrial cemetery.

The plantation is a sterile environment where all possible efforts are made to have a cotton plant grow optimally.

High doses of synthetic growth stimulators, an arsenal of chemical herbicides and  insecticides and, later at the machine harvest phase, high doses of defoliants not only poison the ground  and the groundwater, but also the fibre itself. In addition, the peasant, the cotton picker, the pilots of the spray planes, the workers gathering, spinning and transforming the cotton are all exposed to serious poisoning.

Natural cotton is a real bane of men and nature!

Organically cultivated cotton is grown on a living soil that for the last 3 years has been free of all toxic chemical growth stimulators, pesticides and herbicides. Only natural compost, healthy plants in a rotation culture, natural herbicides and pesticides guarantee a living, fragrant, healthy cotton fibre and happy peasants and workers.

The major problem encountered at the conversion from traditional into organic cultivation is the pre-financing of the seed and the organization of the market.

Over the last few years, several local organisms have made this conversion possible. In India, Turkey, Egypt, Peru and the US, organizations have been active pre-financing the agricultural products for the rotation cultivation and organizing the market. Notwithstanding the fact that organically cultivated cotton costs 40% more, the production doubles nearly every year.

For 20 years already, Green Sleep has been working in close cooperation with or has been supporting organisms such as BIO-RE and BO-WEEVIL. Click on their sites and learn all about the fantastic work they realize.

Organically cultivated cotton is a super healthy, fragrant fibre. It is strong and soft at the same time and has a superior absorbing power.

The Green Sleep R&D department very closely follows the production process from the fibre (India) to the spinning (Turkey), the knitting (Germany) and the finishing. The final fabric is finished mechanically in a completely natural way without chemical products such as chlorine, ammonia, formaldehyde, silicone wax, heavy metals,…

Feel and smell our cotton and you will notice the difference!