Texeler wool, a magnificent resource

Wool is a unique fibre that can absorb up to 35% of its own weight without feeling moist.Thanks to its hair structure, the wool fibre can guide and exude fluid substances. The back part gives the best fibres. Stiff and rough wool types retain a lot of air and quickly adopt your body temperature. It is a perfect raw material for mattress sheets and eiderdowns.

The Green Sleep products do not contain soft Merinos wool that is perfectly appropriate for clothes, but for our applications too quickly felts under the influence of pressing, rubbing, perspiration and warmth. We only use the shorn wool of rougher Cheviot types, such as Texeler wool or Connemara high-mountain sheep. These wool types are more elastic and better hold the air.

We also preserve the natural lanoline so that humidity control is optimal. In addition, we wash the wool in an ecologically-friendly way with natural soaps and without bleaching the dark hairs with sulphur dioxide. We do not add chemical wool softeners either. As a result, the somewhat soft sheep smell is preserved and the fleece does not colour evenly white.


The sheep that produce the wool for the production are fed organically as much as possible and do not get antibiotics’ treatments. They are grown in the countryside and are not dipped or washed either with chemical substances.

Today, the offer of wool produced by completely organically cultivated sheep is extremely small and we also have to accept wool of sheep that graze along roads and waterways. We make all possible efforts to extend the offer of organically cultivated wool and hope to be able to assure the entire demand for organically cultivated wool in the not too distant future.

It is especially important not to wash the wool in a rather acid environment and to obtain a result that is as close as possible to pH neutral.  As a matter of fact, we indeed obtained an öko-tex100 certificate for the production. Wool is extremely heat-resistant and makes our wool-covered mattresses so heat-resistant that they meet the British and Californian heat-resistant requirements.