Clearly, you need a bed that doesn't disturb your deep sleep and that supports your back perfectly. As we are all different, it's impossible to make one bed for all. 

Your body needs pressure reducing contact and ergonomic support. We can do this by creating a mattress that is adapted to your body and your dominant sleeping posture.   

The secret of the ideal bed not only lies in a perfect support, but also in an optimal pressure-reducing contact plane between the body and the mattress. The larger the contact zone between the body and the mattress, the smaller the pressure registration per square centimeter of skin. The larger the contact zone, the longer it will take before the body subconsciously orders to turn over and before large tension build-up in the skeleton muscles can interrupt your deep sleep or REM sleep.

Sleep quality indeed is reduced drastically when you are wakened by an internal pain impulse caused by overpressure or by difficulties when turning over. The longer you can stay in the same position without suffering pressure damage, the longer your muscles can deacidify. In addition, reduced pressure also stimulates the blood circulation in the limbs. But, a larger contact plane also implies that the mattress should ventilate perfectly. The skin that touches the mattress also must be able to breathe and the purifying perspiration must be absorbed without the mattress feeling moist to the touch. 

Therefore, when falling asleep, the perfect lateral support is obtained by giving the body as large a contact plane as possible and by having the body heave maximally on the mattress. So, in this scope, stretching out and as large a mattress as possible are extremely important. 

Back schools give advice on how to turn your dominant recumbent posture in a better equilibrium posture, so that you do not have to turn over too quickly.

In all events, when falling asleep, one should lie as relaxed as possible, with as large a contact plane as possible. The ideal bed can help you a lot.


So, such an ideal bed…

  • is sufficiently large.
  • offers optimal support, but is as soft as possible. In addition, it should absorb as good as possible and allow the body to breathe.
  • preferably is made of healthy non-toxic materials, manufactured with heart and soul for nature and men.