For the body, the deep sleep has a purifying, restoring and energizing function.

A somatroph hormonal flux spreads through our spinal column to our organs and cells.

Deep sleep is characterized by an increased body temperature; and as perspiration increases, our skin secretes more minerals. Our lungs also breathe out more carbon gas. Our intestines transport more excrements. Our kidneys actively filter the blood. Our organs detoxicate. Our skeleton muscles deacidify. Women menstruate more heavily…

At the same time, over 100,000 billion of cells restore themselves in their 7-year cycle. Growth hormones are released, cells are actively replaced and muscular tissue is built up through protein synthesis. Mineral losses are replenished. Wounds heal. Corticosteroid hormones build up our resistance to infections and tiredness. We become immune again to all kinds of diseases.

White corpuscles surround and destroy bacteria. In the lymph glands and the spleen, they remove bacteria from the blood. Our batteries are recharged again. Released biotonin produces the vital hormonal energy that restores our aura.

Intervertebral disks regenerate and dorsal vertebrae rearrange.

For the mind, the deep sleep has a restoring and especially a memorizing function. What we experienced and learned during the daytime, is stored in this sleep stage.   In this stage, we actually never dream. Therefore, for students and growing children, deep sleep is extremely important and the saying that sleep before midnight counts double is confirmed.

So, we cure ourselves during the deep sleep stage.